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Performance of MPs in the 15th Lok Sabha till the end of Monsoon Session 2013

14th Session of 15th Lok Sabha

The Fourteenth Session of the current 15th Lok Sabha (Monsoon Session) was held between 5th August 2013 to 6th September 2013 with 21 sittings.  15th Lok Sabha commenced the business on 4th June 2009 and has till now has held 14 sessions with 335 sittings.  

Total performance of 15th Lok Sabha

Till the end of Monsoon Session 2013, Lok Sabha has worked effectively and transacted business for 1321 hours and 34 minutes.  799 hours 38 minutes was lost in disruptions and forced adjournments.  In view of the adjournments, the Lok Sabha worked for 273 hours and 12 minutes extra, beyond the scheduled time, to compensate the loss of time.  Nearly 43% of Lok Sabha time was lost due to disruptions in the current 15th Lok Sabha (all 14 sessions) and a portion of lost time was compensated with extra sitting.

Business transacted during the 15th Lok Sabha

202 bills were introduced in the 15th Lok Sabha so far and 171 bills have been passed.

3741 matters have been taken up by the Members of Lok Sabha under Rule 377 (matters of urgent public importance).  3208 matters of urgent public importance have been taken up during Zero Hour.

683 Standing Committee reports were submitted to Lok Sabha.

Duties of Parliament Members

The Members of Parliament are required to participate in the debates, raise matters of public interest, ask questions of public importance, introduce private members bills and to participate in the sessions (attendance).  We can adjudge the performance of the MPs, based on their performance in the House.  Lok Sabha Secretariat and PRS India provide the complete data relating to individual MPs.  

Top performing MPs in participation of debates

The following MPs secure the top 3 positions for participation in debates, as per the data released by PRS India.  (from the 1st session till the end of monsoon session 2013 of the current 15th Lok Sabha).

1. Mr Arjun Ram Meghwal (BJP MP from Rajasthan) - 414 times participated in debates.
2.  Mr Shailendrakumar (SP MP from UP) - 338 debates
3.  Mr PL Punja (Congress MP from UP) - 263 debates.

Of 17351 debates recorded in all the sessions, top 100 MPs have participated in 10011 debates (58%).

Top performing MPs for introducing Private Members Bills

In the current Lok Sabha, so far 372 Private Members Bills have been introduced.  Private Members Bills is an important  provision given in the Lok Sabha rules, to enable the members to share valuable bills, beyond party line.  If the bills are worthy, the Government itself will work on that and introduce as a Government Bill.  The recent Land Acquisition bill is the outcome of a private bill introduced by Mr Hansraj G Ahir (BJP MP from Maharashtra) in both 14th and the 15th Lok Sabha.  The top 3 performers are:

1.  Mr Hansraj G Ahir (BJP MP Maharashtra) - 31 bills
2.  Mr Jai Prakash Agarwal (Congress MP Delhi) - 23 bills
3.  Mr Arjun Ram Meghwal (BJP MP Rajasthan) - 20 bills

Since introduction of Private Members Bills involves more home work, only 84 MPs have introduced 372 such bills.  Of this 84 also, only 11 MPs have introduced more than 10 bills.  These 11 MPs have introduced 165 bills.

Top perming MPs for asking Questions

1,34,231 Questions have been asked by the Members.  Nearly 50% of the questions were asked by top 100 MPs.  The top 3 MPs in this category are:

1.  Mr Anandrao Adsul (Shiv Sena MP Maharashtra) - 1170 Questions.
2.  Mr Gajanan Dharmshi Baba (Shiv Sena MP Maharashtra) - 1085 Questions
3.  Asaduddin Owaisi (AIMEM MP from Andhra) - 1042 Questions.

Mr Pradeep Kumar Majhi (Congress MP from  Orissa) has asked 1032 Questions.  In the current 15th Lok Sabha, till date, only 4 MPs have asked questions beyond 1000.

It may be noted that Mr Anandrao Adsul has been maintaining the No 1 position for questions from the 14th Lok Sabha.  

Overall top performers (Debates+Private bills+Questions) - total tally

The following MPs are the top performers.

1. Mr Anandrao Adsul (SS MP Maharashtra) - total tally 1208
2. Mr S S Ramasubbu (Cong MP Tamil Nadu) - 1141
3(a). Mr Gajanan Dharmshi Baba (SS MP Maharshtra) - 1109
3(b) Mr Arjun Ram Meghwal (BJP MP Rajasthan) - 1109

8 MPs have scored total tally of more than 1000.  The other 4 MPs  are:

Mr Asaduddin Owaisi, Mr Hansraj G Ahir, Pradeep Kumar Majhi and Mr Shivaji Adhalrao Patil (SS MP Maharashtra).

Top performers under Women MPs

There are 63 women MPs in the current Lok Sabha.  Among them, the top 3 performers for the overall tally are:

1.  Ms. Supriya Sule (NCP MP Maharashtra) - Total tally 752
2.  Ms. Ratna Singh (Congress MP UP) - 664
3.  Ms. Rama Devi (BJP MP Bihar) - 652 

100% Attendance

Only 2 MPs have scored 100% attendance.  We have considered the MPs who are functioning from the beginning of the 15th Lok Sabha.  

1.  Mr K P Dhanapalan (Congress MP Kerala) - Total tally 508
2.  Mr Ramesh Kumar (Congress MP Delhi) - Total tally 'zero'

MPs with least performance

25 MPs have a total tally of 'zero'.  That means, they have not participated in debates, asked questions or introduced private bills.  34 MPs have single digit tally (1 to 9).

Ms Vijaya Shanthi (TRS MP from Andhra and actress), Mr Ramesh Kumar (Congress MP from Delhi) have zero participation.  

Vijayashanthi's total tally (Debates, private members bills and questions) is 'zero' and her attendance is 12%.

Interestingly, Mr Ramesh Kumar, South Delhi MP has scored a total tally of 'zero' with 100% attendance.  

Mr Rahul Gandhi (Congress MP and PM in waiting) has scored a total tally of 1, with one time participation in a debate.  His attendance is 43%.  

Ms Sonia Gandhi (Congress MP) has a total tally of 2 with 47% attendance.

Kalyan Singh, Dayanidh Maran, H D Kumaraswamy, Chandrasekar Rao (noted leaders) have a total tally of 1 or 2.  Chandrasekar Rao (TRS MP from Andhra)  has attended only 10% of the sittings.


Let us all congratulate the top performing MPs.  Irrespective of the party affiliation, they should return to Lok Sabha in the next General Elections.  

We are also proud that our Sansad Ratna Awardees viz. Mr Anandrao Adsul, Mr Ramasubbu, Mr Hansraj G Ahir, Mr Arjun Ram Meghwal and Ms Rama Devi have all maintained their lead positions and showing better performance.

By Prime Point Srinivasan

The full details of the performance of all MPs can be downloaded from the link.


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