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Sansad Ratna - Hall of Fame - Three MPs to be inducted

Sansad Ratna Awardees

Every year at the end of the first part of Budget Session of Lok Sabha, Prime Point Foundation and ezine PreSense  honour the top performing MPs based on the cumulative performance of members under 3 categories viz. debates, private members bills and questions.  

15th Lok Sabha conducted the business between 3rd June 2009 and 21st Feb 2014.  9 MPs who scored total tally of 1000 points (debates + private members bills + questions) and 3 top performing MPs were selected for 'Sansd Ratna Awards'.  The Awards were presented at Chennai Press Club during the last week of February 2014.  Click here for the award function.

MPs who secured No 1 position

In the 15th Lok Sabha Shri Anandrao Adsul (Shiv Sena MP from Maharashtra) secured No 1 position under Questions category by raising 1266 questions. He scored a total point of 1304 and secured No 1 position for overall performance in 15th Lok Sabha.  Interestingly, he secured No 1 position for raising questions and overall performance in the 14th Lok Sabha also.

Shri Hansraj Gangaram Ahir (BJP MP from Maharashtra) has secured No 1 position under 'Private Members Bills' category by introducing 31 private bills, out of 372  private members bills introduced in the 15th Lok Sabha. The land acquisition bill passed in the 15th Lok Sabha was first introduced by him both in 14th and 15th Lok Sabha as private members bills only.  Then UPA Government accepted his concept and formally introduced the land acquisition bill as an official bill later. He is the whistle blower of coal scam, which is rocking the nation.

Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal (BJP MP from Rajasthan), an IAS officer turned MP secured No 1 position under debates category, by participating in 430 debates.  Though official figures  of past Lok Sabha performance could not be traced, in our view, his performance should be the top most in the last 64 years.  

Interestingly, all the above three MPs have been consistently maintaining their lead records right from the first year.

Sansad Ratna Hall of Fame

Sansad Ratna Committee has decided to induct the above three MPs (Shri Anandrao Adsul, Shri Hansraj Ahir, Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal) into 'Sansad Ratna Hall of Fame', because of their achieving No 1 position in the 15th Lok Sabha under three categories.

After induction into the Hall of Fame, they become permanent members of Sansad Ratna elite group.  They will guide the Sansad Ratna Committee for framing the future Award guidelines and also in the selection process. They will also mentor other fresh MPs to perform effectively in the Lok Sabha.

Prime Point Foundation plans to organise a grand function at IIT, Chennai during the middle of October 2014 by inviting eminent personalities to induct the three MPs into the Hall of Fame.

Civil society is highly proud of these 3 top performing MPs.  The civil society hopes with their mentorship, our 16th Lok Sabha will have more of Sansad Ratnas.  

By K. Srinivasan

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Performance of 16th Lok Sabha till the end of Second Session (4th June 2014 to 14th August 2014)

The new 16th Lok Sabha commenced its business on 4th June 2014.  Till the end of Second Session (14th August 2014), the Lok Sabha had 33 sittings.

Business done

This 16th Lok Sabha witnessed one of the most productive sessions in the past one decade.  Though 14 hours and 1 minute was lost in disruption and forced adjournments, the members made up the business by sitting extra time of 30 hours and 45 minutes.  94% of the Budget demands were passed without discussions. 

20 Bills were introduced and 13 bills were passed. 61 Private Members bills were introduced.  388 matters were raised under Rule 377 by the members. During Zero Hour, 607 matters of urgent public important were taken up by members.  

We analyse the performance of Parliament and MPs based on four parameters, viz. (1) debates, (2) private members bills, (3) questions raised and (4) attendance.  

Ministers cannot participate in debates, introduce private bills and raise questions.  They also do not sign attendance.  Hence, our analysis excludes the Ministers.


During this two sessions, 443 members participated in 2475 debates, which includes, bills, matters taken up, etc.  National Average is 4.9 per member for debates.  Kerala MPs scored No 1 position with an average of 11.2 debates per member.  Andhra Pradesh MPs occupy the last position with 2.8 debates per member.

The top performers under debates category

P P Choudhary, BJP, Rajasthan - 39 debates
N K Premachandran, RSP, Kerala  - 30 debates

Private Members Bills

During these two sessions 61 Private Members Bills were introduced.  7 MPs have individually introduced 4 private members bills each.

BJP MPs - Hansraj G Ahir (Maharashtra), Arjun Ram Meghwal (Rajasthan), K P Solanki (Gujarat), AT Naha Patel (Maharashtra) and Nishikant Dubey (Jharkand)

BJP MP - Bhartruhari Mahtab (Odisha)

INC MP - M K Raghavan (Kerala)


During these two sessions, 8854 questions (starred, unstarred, supplementary) have been raised by the members.  National Average is 18 questions per member.  Kerala ranks No1 among the states with an average of 44 questions per member.  Uttarakand ranks last with 4 questions per member.

The top performers for raising questions.

Hansraj G Ahir (BJP, Maharashtra) - 115 Questions
Asaduddin Owaisi (AIMEI, Telangana) - 108 Questions
B V Nayak, (INC, Karnataka) - 105 Questions

Total Tally (Debates + Private Members Bills + Questions)

The following MPs have shown top performance for the total tally till the end of second session.

Hansraj G Ahir (BJP, Maharashtra) - Total tallly 129
Asasuddin Owaisi (AIMEI, Telangana) - Total tally 116
Nishikant Dubey (BJP, Jharkand) - Total tally 115


152 MPs have attended all the 33 sittings and scored 100% attendance. National average for attendance is 87% per member.  Tamil Nadu ranks No 1 with an average of 98% per member. J & K ranks last with 62% average.

Lady Members

There are 62 Female Members in this 16th Lok Sabha.  The toppers among the female members for the total tally are:

Supriya Sule (NC, Maharashtra) - Total tally 104
Shobha Karandlaje (BJP, Karnataka) - Total tally 98

Both have secured 100% attendance.

We congratulate all the top performers.  Since many of the MPs are new, it is quite natural that they may find it difficult to get ramiliarised with the Parliament procedures.  A real analysis can be done only after one year effectively.

Some interesting facts

1.  61 MPs have not participated in any of the proceedings of the Lok Sabha.  Their total tally is 'zero'.

2.  Actress Hemamalini (BJP, UP) with 'zero' tally has attended only 11% of the sittings.

The readers can find out the performance of their MPs from the following link.

Source: PRS Legislative Research, Delhi

Compiled by K. Srinivasan

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Performance of Tamil Nadu MPs till the end of 2nd session of 16th Lok Sabha

Happy Independence Day.  Jai Hind

The Budget Session of the 16th Lok Sabha has ended today.  So far this 16th Lok Sabha has held two sssions with 33 sittings.  I attach herewith the performance of the MPs of Tamil Nadu on four parameters viz. debates, private members bills, questions and attendance.  

Mr T G Venkatesh Babu (Chennai North) with total score of 79 ranks No 1 among Tamil Nadu MPs.  He has also recorded 100% attendance.

Mr P Venugopal (Tiruvallur) secures 2nd rank among Tamil Nadu MPs with total score of 76 (attendance 100%).

Since most of the MPs from Tamil Nadu are first timers, it may take some time for them to get the feel of the Parliament. 

On behalf of Sansad Ratna Committee, I congratulate the top performers and wish them to secure national ranking in the coming sessions.

I will be sending the national level analysis tomorrow.

(Source: PRS Legislative Research

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