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Sansad Maha Ratna Awards 2019 Guidelines

Sansad Maha Ratna Guidelines
Sansad Maha Ratna Guidelines

The current 16th Lok Sabha will complete its five year term in May 2019.  Mostly, the Budget Session will be completed by Feb 2019 end and all the political parties may get ready to face the next General Election.  Sansad Ratna Awards Committee will present the Awards immediately after the completion of all the sessions of 16th Lok Sabha, but before the announcement of next General Elections.

Every year, based on the cumulative performance, Sansad Ratna Awards are being presented.  In 2019, a few members will be honoured with 'Sansad Maha Ratna' for their extraordinary cumulative performance.  The Jury Committee has  approved the guidelines for Sansad Maha Ratna Awards of 16th Lok Sabha.

Since the selection process is done transparently, we are publishing the guidelines for the information of MPs and general public.

Sansad Maha Ratna Awards – 16th Lok Sabha

There will be five Categories for individual Lok Sabha MPs under Sansad Maha Ratna of 16th Lok Sabha. (Based on the cumulative performance from the first Session till the end of 16th Lok Sabha, data  provided by Lok Sabha Secretariat and PRS India)

1       Initiated Debates category :  Topper in Initiated Debates - Total no initiated debates alone which includes debates on Govt and Private Bills, Budget President Address Matters under rule 193, Matters under rule 377, zero hour calling attention, private members resolutions. (Associated debates will be excluded from Debates)

2       Question category : Topper in all starred and unstarred questions.

3   Total Tally - General category :  Topper in Initiated debates + Private Members Bills introduced + Questions.

4       Total tally – First time MP category : Topper in Initiated debates + Private Members Bills introduced + Questions (among the first time MPs)

5       Distinguished performance Category : Topper in total tally of (a) total no of starred and unstarred questions, (b) zero hour debates  (c)  matters under rule 377 (d) debates on private members bills, resolutions  (e) calling attention and (f) introduction of private members bills. (Because for this category party permission is not required it is purely individual effort. – This Award is subject to availability of data from Lok Sabha Secretariat and PRS India)

Other parameters:  In addition to the above, the individual MPs should satisfy the following other parameters to become eligible for Sansad Maha Ratna Awards.

a)    Attendance in the House should be more  than 60%;
b)    Attendance in one of the ‘Departmentally Related Standing       Committee’     should be more than 60%;
c)    Recommendation under MPLad should be more than 50%

(Jury Committee has the right to modify, amend  and relax any parameters in deserving cases.  Jury Committee decision is final and binding)

For more details visit or mail to

- K. Srinivasan, Founder & Chairman, Sansad Ratna Awards Committee

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