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Sansad Ratna Awards Committee for 16th Lok Sabha

Sansad Ratna Award Committee for 16th Lok Sabha

Committee of Judges
Shri Anandrao Adsul Hon'ble MP - Chairman
Shri Hansraj G Ahir, Hon'ble MOS
Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal, Hon'ble MP

Award Committee
K. Srinivasan,
Chairman, Prime Point Foundation
Editor in Chief, PreSense

Bhawanesh Deora, Shreyan Foundation

Dr Mariazeena Jhonson, Mg. Director, Sathyabama University, Chennai
Dr Sudarshan Padmanabhan (Associate Professor, IIT Madras)
Dr R Jagannathan (Former Vice Chancellor of Middle East University, UAE)

Social Service
V Rajendran (Cyber Advocate and Past President of Cyber Society of India)
Venugopalan Mohan (Founder, Bharath Mata Foundation and social worker)
N Rajaji (Social worker)

S G Suryah (Founder, Sixth Sense Foundation and Advocate)
Prithvi (Management consultant and political aspirant)
Sukruti Vadula (President, Robotic and Artificial Intelligence Foundation)
Natarajan Raman (Software Engineer and Convenor of Action 2020)

Susan Koshy Editor, PreSense (Former General Manager, IDBI)
Nurullah (Senior Tamil Journalist (Print and Television)
T N Ashok (Senior Accredited journalist at Delhi)

Data support: PRS India, Delhi

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Outstanding Parliamentarians honoured with Sansad Ratna Awards 2015 in the 6th Edition

L to R: K Srinivasan, P P Chaudhary, Arjun Ram Meghwal, Dr Justice AR Lakshmanan, Anandrao Adsul, Shrirang Appa Barne, Dr Bhaskar Ramamurthy and Dr Sudarshan Padmanabhan
(L to R: K Srinivasan, P P Chaudhary, Arjun Ram Meghwal, Dr Justice AR Lakshmanan, Anandrao Adsul, Shrirang Appa Barne, Dr Bhaskar Ramamurthy and Dr Sudarshan Padmanabhan)

IIT Madras, Prime Point Foundation and EMagazine PreSense organised National Seminar on Politics, Democracy and Governance (4th Edition) at IIT Madras on 11th July 2015.  During this event, Dr Justice A R Lakshmanan (Former Judge of Supreme Court of India and Chairman of Law Commission of India) presented Sansad Maha Ratna Awards and Sansad Ratna Awards.

The following 3 Parliamentarians received Sansad Maha Ratna Award for their 'consistent' performance during the 15th Lok Sabha in their respective category.

Shri Anandrao Adsul - 5th Time Shiv Sena MP from Amravati, Maharashtra.  He was the Minister of State for Banking and Insurance during Prime Minister Vajpayee’s regime.  He ranked No 1 for 'Raising Questions' and for 'Total Tally' in both the 14th Lok Sabha and the 15th Lok Sabha.  During 15th Lok Sabha, he raised 1266 Questions with a Total Tally of 1304.  He attended 74% of the sittings in the 15th Lok Sabha.

Shri Hansraj Gangaram Ahir - 4th time BJP MP from Chandrapur, Maharashtra.  He is now the Minister of State for Chemicals and Fertilisers.  He ranked No 1 for introducing 'Private Members Bills'.  He introduced 31 Private Members Bills and secured a Total Tally of 1150 in the 15th Lok Sabha. He attended 72% of the sittings in the 15th Lok Sabha.  He is also the whistle blower for the Coal Scam.

Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal – 2nd time BJP MP from Bikanir, Rajasthan.  An IAS officer turned Member of Parliament, Shri Meghwal is now the Chief Whip for BJP in the Lok Sabha.  He ranked No 1 for 'Participation in Debates' in the 15th Lok Sabha.  He participated in 430 Debates with a Total Tally of 1199.  He attended 99% of the sittings in the 15th Lok Sabha.  

The following two MPs received Sansad Ratna Awards for 16th Lok Sabha.

Shri Shrirang Appa Barne – 1st time Shiv Sena MP from Maval, Maharashtra.  He ranks No 1 for 'Raising Questions' during the first year of the 16th Lok Sabha till the end of Budget Session 2015.  He raised 314 Questions with Total Tally of 355.  He attended 87% of the sittings. He ranks No 2 for Total Tally in the entire Lok Sabha.

Shri P P Chaudhary – 1st time BJP MP from Pali, Rajasthan.  He ranks No 1 for 'Participation in Debates', ranks No 1 in Total Tally in the entire Lok Sabha, and No 1 among the 'First time MPs', for the first year of the 16th Lok Sabha till the end of Budget Session 2015.    He participated in 176 Debates with Total Tally of 384.  He attended 100% of the sittings of the 16th Lok Sabha till the end of Budget Session.  He receives two awards – the first for 'Participation in Debates' and the second for 'Overall Tally among the first time MPs'. 

During the first session of this National Seminar, Shri Srinivasa Prabhu, Director of Lok Sabha Secretariat gave a presentation on the 'Indian Parliamentary System' and explained the functions of the Parliament.

In the afternoon session, 8 eminent experts viz. Dr Bhaskar Ramamurthy (Director of IITM), Shri T Theethan (Former Director General Audit of Indian Railway Board), Shri V Ponraj (Scientific Advisor to Dr Abdul Kalam), Dr Mariazeena Jhonson (Mg. Director of Sathyabama University), Dr Anbumani Ramadoss MP (Former Union Health Minister), Shri T K Rangarajan MP, Shri P P Chaudhary MP and Shri Mafoi Pandia Rajan MLA spoke on Technology, Railways, Energy, Education, Health, Agriculture, Judicial Reforms and Human Resources respectively.  They talked under the theme 'Towards India 2020'.

At the end of the event, all the team members of organising committee were introduced to the audience.

We will separately upload some of the important speeches for the benefit of readers.

Complete set of photos (1200 plus) may be seen and downloaded from here.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Four Lok Sabha MPs selected for Sansad Ratna 2015 Awards

Four Lok Sabha MPs selected for Sansad Ratna 2015 Awards

Four Lok Sabha MPs are selected for the Sansad Ratna 2015 Awards for outstanding performance in the 16th Lok Sabha till the end of the budget session.

“The MPs were selected through a rigorous process by a high powered Committee of Judges. Prime Point Foundation, a Chennai based NGO,  has been honouring top performing Lok Sabha Members every year since 2009”  said the Foundation’s Chairman  K Srinivasan.

The Awards will be presented on 11th July 2015 at Chennai.

The Committee of Judges, constituted by Prime Point Foundation , included  Shri Anand Rao Adsul (Maharashtra), Shri Hansraj G Ahir (Maharashtra) and Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal (Rajasthan) – all Parliamentarians who were themselves   toppers in the 15th Lok Sabha Sansad Ratna Awards.

They were toppers each under the category of Questions, Private Members Bills and Debates.  They will also be inducted into ‘Sansad Ratna – Hall of Fame’ during the Award ceremony on 11th July 2015..

The Committee of Judges selected the MPs for this year’s award based on their performance in the House, attendance in the House and Standing Committees and utilization of MPLad funds. The selection was based on an evaluation of the data provided by PRS India an Lok Sabha Secretariat.

Under the General category, three ‘Sansad Ratna Awards 2015’ are given to the toppers in three categories, viz. debates, private members bills and questions. 

One  topper among the First time MPs for the cumulative overall tally gets the ‘Sansad Navodit Ratna 2015’ Award.

P P Chaudhary (BJP MP from Rajasthan) bags two awards,  one for being the topper in ‘Debates category’ and another for overall tally among the First time MPs. He participated in 176 Debates and secured a total tally of 384 points.  He is also the topper among all the MPs in the Lok Sabha for overall tally.

Shri Shrirang Appa Barne (Shiv Sena MP from Maharashtra) bags an Award by topping under ‘Questions Category’ with 314 Questions to his credit with a total tally of 355 points. He secured the No 2 position among all MPs in the overall tally.

Shri Nishikant Dubey (BJP MP from Jharkhand) bags the Award for being a topper in the Private Members Bills category.  He introduced 11 Private Members bills and secured an overall tally of 328 points.  He secured the No 3 position among all MPs in the overall tally.

Under the Women’s  Category, ‘Sansad Mahila Ratna Award 2015’ has been bagged by Ms Supriya Sule (NCP MP from Maharashtra).  She topped among women MPs securing an overall cumulative tally of 321 points. She secured the 5th position among all MPs in the Lok Sabha for overall tally, besides being No 1 among women MPs. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Top 3 and Bottom 3 performing Tamil Nadu MPs till the end of Budget Session 2015

16th Lok Sabha completed its Budget Session 2015 (4th Session from the beginning) on 13th May 2015.  From the beginning till the end of Budget Session 2015 (1st June 2014 to 13th May 2015), Lok Sabha had 90 sittings.  Tamil Nadu had elected 39 MPs to Lok Sabha.  One MP is a Minister of State.  We analyse the Top 3 and Bottom 3 performance of Tamil Nadu MPs.

Data source: PRS India


Shri T G Venkatesh Babu (Chennai North), Dr P Venugopal (Thiruvallur) and Shri K Parasuraman (Thanjavur) have emerged as Top 3 performers of Tamil Nadu.  We congratulate them for maintaining their performance.

Right from the first session, Shri T G Venkatesh Babu and Dr Venugopal maintain their top two position consistently.  At the end of third session of Lok Sabha, Shri P Nagarajan (Coimbatore) was in third position.  Now at the end of 4th Session, Shri Parasuraman (Thanjavur) has moved to 3rd position, pushing Shri Nagarajan to 6th position.  

Standing Committees of the Parliament are highly important.  Every MP is allotted two or three committees, so that they can participate effectively in the Committee Meetings and add value.  The Government provides to each MP a sum of Rs.5 crores as MPLad fund every year for development of their constituency.  Effective utilisation of MPLad funds is also important.  From this session on wards, we will include the parameters like (a) participation in debates, (b) introduction of private bills, (c) raising questions, (d) attendance in the Lok Sabha, (e) attendance in the Standing Committee Meetings and (f) Utilisation of MPLad Funds for our analysis.  

The Government has not updated the utilisation of MPLad funds.  Hence for this analysis, we have not taken this into account.  Being the first year, some of the Committee Meetings are also not updated.  We have taken into account the data relating to other available Standing Committees.

Shri T G Venkatesh Babu: AIADMK MP from Chennai North.  He has participated in 23 debates and raised 238 Questions, with a total tally of 261 points.  Though he was hospitalised during the third session for some health problem, he has secured 97% attendance 

He is a Member of 2 Standing Committees (viz. Finance Committee and Joint Parliamentary Committee on Office of Profit).   Out of 28 meetings held by these Committees, he has attended 13 meetings.

At the National level, he has scored 24th rank for the total tally.  He has all the potentiality to enter into Top 5 of the entire Lok Sabha, if he fine tunes and plans properly.  

Though he is the first time MP he continues to maintain the lead among the Tamil Nadu MPs.  Congratulations Mr Venkatesh Babu.

Dr Ponnuswamy Venugopal: AIADMK MP from Thiruvallur.  He has participated in 32 debates and raised 209 Questions, with a total tally of 241 points.  He has scored 92% attendance in the Lok Sabha.  

He is a Member of 5 Standing Committees. (viz. Business Advisory Committee, General Purposes Committee, Public Accounts Committee, Rural Development and Welfare of SCs and STs).  He is the Chairman of Rural Development Committee. Attendance data is available only for two committees.  Out of 27 meetings, he has attended 23 meetings.  

MPLad fund data is not available.

Dr Venguopal is also the Chairman of AIADMK Parliamentary Board.  In spite of his other floor management duties, he has participated effectively in the Lok Sabha till the end of Budget Session 2015.  

At National level, he ranks 34.  Being the experienced second time MP, he has high potentiality to enter into the TOP 5 performers of the entire Lok Sabha.  

Congratulations to Dr Venugopal.

Shri K Parasuraman: AIADMK MP from Thanjavur.  At the end of Third Session, he was at 4th position in Tamil Nadu.  Now he has moved to 3rd position.  He is the first time MP.

Till the end of 4th Session, he has participated in 33 debates and raised 165 question, with a total tally of 198 points.  He has attended 83% of the sittings of the Lok Sabha.

He is the Member of Standing Committee on Urban Development.  He has attended 4 meetings out of 10 held.  

Data relating to MPLad fund is not available.


While, we know about the Top performers of Tamil Nadu, we should also know about the MPs who rank bottom.   In the 15th Lok Sabha, the MPs from Tirunelveli, Salem and Dharmapuri used to always capture the 'Top 3' slot among the Tamil Nadu MPs.  But during the 16th Lok Sabha, ironically, the MPs from these constituencies, capture the 'Bottom 3'  slot among the Tamil Nadu MPs. 

Shri KPP Prabakaran:  AIADMK MP from Tirunelveli.  He has participated in 5 debates and raised 5 Questions with a total tally of 10.  He has secured 100% attendance in the House.  

He is not a Member of any Standing Committee.  MPLad fund data not available.

Among the Tamil Nadu MPs, he ranks 38 (Out of 39 MPs, one MP is a Minister).

Shri V Paneerselvam: AIADMK MP from Salem.  He has participated in 12 Debates and has not raised any Questions or introduced any Private Members Bills.  His total tally is 12.  His attendance in the Lok Sabha is 94%.

He is a Member of Subordinate Legislation committee.  Out of 9 Committee Meetings, he has attended 2 meetings.  

MPLad fund utilisation data not available.

Among the Tamil Nadu MPs, he ranks 37. 

Dr Anbumani Ramadoss:  PMK MP from Dhamapuri.  He is also the declared Chief Minister Candidate for 2016 Assembly Elections.

He has participated in 7 Debates and raised 7 Questions, with a total tally of 14 points.  He has attended only 53% of the sittings of the Lok Sabha.

He is a Member of 2 Committees, viz. Absence of Members from the House and Rural Development.  The attendance data relating to first committee is not available.  Out of 21 meetings held by Rural Development Committee, he has attended 2 meetings.  

MPLad fund data not available.

Among the Tamil Nadu MPs, he ranks 36.

About overall performance of Tamil Nadu MPs

Out of 38 MPs (one Minister excluded), 12 MPs have scored 100% attendance in Lok Sabha.  While the National Average for participation in debates is 17.8, Tamil Nadu MPs have secured 16.9, lower than National Average.  While the National Average for raising Questions is 69, Tamil Nadu has scored 78, marginally more than the national average.

While the national average for attendance is 85%, Tamil Nadu has scored 94%.

Since many of the MPs are first time MPs, they should be given training in effective participation.

Individual performance of all Tamil Nadu MPs (1.6.2014 to 13.5.2015)
Source: PRS India

MP name Constituency Debates Private Member Bills Questions Total Attendance
T.G. Venkatesh Babu Chennai North 23 0 238 261 97%
P. Venugopal Tiruvallur 32 0 209 241 92%
K. Parasuraman Thanjavur 33 0 165 198 83%
P.R. Sundaram Namakkal 35 0 161 196 97%
C. Gopalakrishnan Nilgiris 15 0 167 182 92%
P. Nagarajan Coimbatore 10 0 165 175 97%
P. Kumar Tiruchirappalli 19 0 126 145 97%
G. Hari Arakkonam 19 0 125 144 100%
S.R. Vijayakumar Chennai Central 25 0 114 139 92%
A. Arunmozhithevan Cuddalore 16 0 120 136 99%
K.N. Ramachandran Sriperumbudur 12 0 118 130 96%
K. Maragatham Kancheepuram 14 0 111 125 100%
M. Udhaya Kumar Dindigul 15 0 108 123 92%
P.R. Senthilnathan Sivaganga 19 0 103 122 88%
A. Anwhar Raajhaa Ramanthapuram 15 0 100 115 87%
C. Mahendran Pollachi 19 0 93 112 100%
V. Elumalai Arani 31 0 75 106 100%
R. Gopalakrishnan Madurai 13 0 87 100 97%
T. Radhakrishnan Virudhunagar 3 0 83 86 98%
B. Senguttuvan Vellore 18 0 63 81 100%
K. Kamaraj Kallakurichi 21 0 55 76 98%
R.K. Bharathi Mohan Mayiladuthurai 25 0 40 65 100%
K. Ashok Kumar Krisnagiri 27 0 25 52 100%
M. Vasanthi Tenkasi 11 0 38 49 99%
J. Jayavardhan Chennai South 14 0 34 48 100%
R. Vanaroja Tiruvannamalai 17 0 29 46 100%
V. Sathyabama Tiruppur 16 0 28 44 99%
R.P. Marutharajaa Perambalur 6 0 29 35 82%
M. Chandrakasi Chidambaram 7 0 26 33 91%
Munisamy Thambidurai Karur 19 0 13 32 58%
S. Rajendran Viluppuram 6 0 23 29 93%
K. Gopal Nagapattinam 16 0 10 26 91%
S. Selvakumara Chinnayan Erode 15 0 8 23 100%
R. Parthipan Theni 10 0 7 17 92%
J. Jeyasingh Thiyagaraj Natterjee Thoothukkudi 8 0 8 16 100%
Anbumani Ramadoss Dharmapuri 7 0 7 14 53%
V. Pannerselvam Salem 12 0 0 12 94%
K.R.P.  Prabakaran Tirunelveli 5 0 5 10 100%
P. Radhakrishnan* Kanniyakumari
* He is a Minister and the data will not be applicable to him.

Monday, April 13, 2015

TOP 10 CLUB of Lok Sabha upto the end of Part I of Budget Session

We have been analysing the performance of the individual MPs on three parameters viz. (a) debates, (b) private members bills and (c) questions.  It is also important to know the Top 10 performers, till the close of Part I of the Budget Session 2015.  16th Lok Sabha commenced its business on 4th June 2015 and the Part I of Budget Session 2015 ended on 20th Mrch 2015.  74 sittings have been held till now.  The Top 10 performers till the current session are as follows:

Shri Chandu Barne Shrirang and Shri PP Chaudhary have secured jointly No 1 position currently.Sri Shivaji Adhal Rao Patil who was not in Top 10 during the first two sessions, has now captured third position now.

Smt. Supriya Sule, who was not in the top 10, in the first two sessions secured 4 th position at the end of third session.  She continues to maintain the 4th position at the end of Part I of Budget Session.  

Sri Dhruva Narayana Rangaswamy was in 7th position in the first two sesions, moved up to secure 3rd position at the end of third session.  Now he has moved down to 5th position.  

Three MPs viz. Shri Chandru Barne Shrirang (Maharashtra), Shri P P Chaudhary (Rajasthan) and Shri Dhuruva Narayana Rangaswamy (Karnataka) show their consistent performance. 

7 MPs who were not in the Top 10 list at the end of first two sessions, have now entered the Top 10 Club at the end of Part I of Budget Session.  

Shri Chandu Barne Shrirang, Shri PP Chaudhary, Shri Dhananjay Bhimrao and Shri Rajeev Shankerrao are the first time MPs.

Out of the latest TOP 10 CLUB Members, 5 MPs are in the age group of 41 to 50.  

3 Members are from Congress; 2 each from NCP, Shiv Sena and CPIM; one MP from BJP.

Sansad Ratna Team congratulates all the MPs for their achievement.

Analysed by K. Srinivasan
Data Source: PRS India

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