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Sansad Ratna Awards 2018 - Guidelines for Awards

Sansad Ratna Awards 2018 - Guidelines

The 9th Edition of Sansad Ratna Awards 2018 function will be held at IIT Madras during May-June 2018.  The Awards are instituted by the eMagazine PreSense and Prime Point Foundation.  There are seven categories of Awards for Lok Sabha and two categories for Rajya Sabha.  Awardees will be selected by a Jury Committee of eminent Parliamentarians, based on the various performance parameters.  

This is the only Award to honour outstanding Indian Parliamentarians presented by the Civil Society. 

Lok Sabha Awards

1.    Topper in Debates (only original initiated debates)
2.    Topper in Private Members Bills
3.    Topper in Questions
4.    Topper for overall tally in debates, Private Members Bills and Questions
5.    Topper in overall tally among the first time MPs
6.    Topper in overall tally among the women MPs
7.    Two MPs under Jury Committee’s discretion for the Quality of debates and participation.

Rajya Sabha Awards

1.    Topper in overall tally among the Rajya Sabha MPs, retired in 2017 (Jan to Dec)
2.    Topper in overall tally among women Rajya Sabha MPs retired in 2017 (Jan to Dec)

Other Additional Parameters

Lok Sabha Members

In addition to being topper, they should comply with the following conditions:
1.  70% attendance in the House
2.  70% attendance in the Committee Meetings (at least two Committees)
3.  50% spend in the MPLAD (as recorded in the website)
4.  Should be within the top 10 for overall tally (except for the Women category and for nominees under Jury Committee discretion)
5.  If a Member is eligible under more than one category, he will be given only one Award with the mention of all other categories. 
6.  If there is no eligible member under any category, there will not be any nomination for this year under that category. 

Rajya Sabha Members

1.  Topper among the retirees, who have completed 6 years and retired in 2017, for overall  tally: (Debates + Private Members Bills + Questions).  No other additional parameters.

Stages in the Selection Process

1.  The performance data relating to the period from the first session of 16th Lok Sabha till the end of Budget Session 2018 will be considered for the Award.  The data is provided by Lok Sabha Secretariat and PRS India.
2.  Based on the performance parameters, the Jury Committee will nominate the MPs for Award.
3. Nominees will be informed confidentially by the Awards Committee. The nominees will be requested to accept the nomination before a specified date.  The Awards will be presented in the presence of eminent citizens and Media at IIT Madras in May/June 2018.
4.  If the nominated MP does not respond or does not accept, the next qualifying MP will be nominated for the Award.
5. Announcement of the Awardees will be made only after the nominees acknowledge and accept the Award personally at Chennai.

Data sources:

For performance data:  PRS India site (A separate data sheet, excluding the associated matters, received from PRS India, will be uploaded by us for reference)

For Committee Meetings:


Jury Committee for Selection of Award Winners (Sansad Maha Ratna Awardees of 15th Lok Sabha)

Shri Anandrao Adsul MP - Chairman
Shri Hansraj G Ahir , Hon'ble MOS (Home)
Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal, Hon MOS (Parliamentary Affairs and Water Resources)

(The Jury Committee has the right to modify/amend/relax any eligibility condition depending on the other parameters.  The decision of Jury Committee is final and binding.)

We will be posting updates on the website
For more details mail to

Sansad Ratna Awards Committee 2018

Jury Committee Members: (Sansad Maha Ratna Awardees of 15th Lok Sabha)

Shri Anandrao Adsul MP - Chairman
Shri Hansraj G Ahir , Hon'ble MOS (Home)
Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal, Hon MOS (Parliamentary Affairs and Water Resources)


Shri T S Krishna Murthy, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India

Principal Office bearers

Prime Point Srinivasan
Executive President
Bhawanesh Deora
Vice Presidents
Venugopalan Mohan

N V Kannan


Bhoopathy Narayanaswamy
Convenor and Secretary
Ramesh Sethuraman
Secretary Coordination
Prithvi GA
N Rajaji

Committee Members:

15 Members representing the civil society from different profession.

Sub Committee for analysis of Parliament data to select the awardees (Data will be placed before the Jury Committee)


Srinivasa Prabhu (Senior official at Lok Sabha Secretariat)


Dr R Jagannathan (Former Vice Chancellor of Middle East University UAE)
Dr Sudarshan Padmanabhan (Associate Professor IIT Madras)

Deepa Seshadri (Chartered Accountant and Big Data analyst)+


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