Saturday, April 21, 2012

"India is a rich country of poor people" - Mr Anandrao Adsul, Award Winning MP

K. Srinivasan presenting the Sansad Ratna Award to
Mr Anandrao Adsul MP at Mumbai
Four MPs were presented with 'Sansad Ratna Award 2012' on behalf of Prime Point Foundation, at IIT, Madras on 14th April 2012.  Mr Gopalkrishna Gandhi, Former Governor of West Bengal presented the Awards.

Mr Anandrao Adsul, Hon'ble Member of Parliament from Amravati, Maharashtra constituency is one of the Sansad Ratna Award Winners, for his outstanding performance in overall tally and also for being No 1 in asking 'Questions' in the current 15th Lok Sabha.  He was also No 1 in asking 'Questions' in the earlier 14th Lok Sabha.  Till 30th March 2012, he has asked 754 Questions.

Since Mr Adsul could not attend the Award function at Chennai on 14th April 2012 due to his ill health, K. Srinivasan, Chairman of the Prime Point Foundation personally handed over the Award to Mr Adsul at Mumbai on 19th April 2012.

After handing over the Award, he also recorded his Lok Sabha experience and as to how, he could get the benefit for his constituency through raising questions.  Mr Adsul  quoted some examples of his success story.  At the same time, he also expressed his concern over the growing scams.  He was quoting, "India is a rich country with poor people", meaning that our scams are in lakhs of crores.    However, he appealed to the new generation to enter into political system and improve the system for betterment.

Please listen to his interesting interview.  (11 minutes).

This video can also be seen from the following link.


  1. we have shortfall of time to transform India as a developed nation...asking questions in parliament..knowing is appreciable...but doers are the the same TEAM. we have only 8 years to reach our set dream? what is the blue print to achieve the India vision:2020? I apologize becoz am the student of this DREAM?
    what is the speed we have to maintain to achieve the DREAM project 2020? which political party( if OK) is aligned to this big dream?
    all is well.
    Abdul muneeb

  2. This Interview is Awsome and inspiration for the youth


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