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Top performers of 15th Lok Sabha honoured in May 2010

Hansraj Gangaram Ahir, T S Krishna Murthy,
S S Ramasubbu, N Gopalaswamy, and K. Srinivasan
We have already written in these columns that there are four categories, under which the members are rated in the Lok Sabha for their performance. They are (1) asking questions during question hours, (2) raising issues of public importance under rule 377, (3) participation in debates, legislative business and budget discussions, and (4) regular attendance. 

After successful featuring of top performing MPs of 14th Lok Sabha in the Ezine, The Foundation decided to honour the top performing MPs personally at Chennai.  In a simple function held on 1st May 2010, at Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya/  This place was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi in 1930s and hence this place was chosen.

Mr T S Krishna Murthy and Mr N Gopalaswamy (both Former Chief Election Commissioners of India) were the Chief Guests.  Mr Hansraj Gangaram Ahir (BJP MP) and Mr S S Ramasubbu (Cong MP) were honoured in the presence of glaxy of eminent persons of the City.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India addressed the audience live from Delhi over mobile and greeted the award winners.  (we are publishing his speech separately).

Mr Hansraj Gangaram Ahir 
Mr Hansraj Gangaram Ahri receives
the Award from Mr S S Rajasekar
Mr Hansraj Gangaram Ahir, a BJP Member of Parliament has topped in the 15th Lok Sabha for raising questions and in participation of debates, etc.    (up to 31st March 2010). He has raised 255 Questions; introduced 9 private member bills; and participated 31 times in the debates. He has also made 3 special mentions.   

He has been elected from Chandrapur (Maharashtra) constituency and he has served 11th and 14th Lok Sabha earlier   He participated in the 14th Lok Sabha also significantly by raising 927 questions. Further he has participated 137 times in debates; made 54 special mentions and introduced 21 private bills.   

Mr Somanath Chatterjee, then Speaker of 14th Lok Sabha praised him several times for his exemplary behaviour and participation in the proceedings. He has even mentioned him as his ‘favourite MP’ in the House. Earlier, he has served Maharashtra Assembly as a Member.   

Mr S S Ramasubbu
Mr Hansraj Gangaram Ahir (BJP MP) presenting
the Award to Mr S S Ramasubbu (Cong MP)
Mr S S Ramasubbu, Congress Member of Parliament has raised 224 Questions and participated in 20 debates in the 15 th Lok Sabha. (up to 31 st March 2010). He has been elected from Tirunelveli (Tamilnadu) Constituency.  

He has served Tamilnadu Legislative Assembly two times.   This is the first time, he enters Lok Sabha as member. During the first of his term in Lok Sabha itself, he has shown good performance. 

He is one of the persons inspired by Dr Abdul Kalam from whom, who has set an agenda for his constituency.    He is a banker turned politician. He wants to show more performance in the coming sessions and to reach No 1 position. 

The photo stream of the event may be seen here.


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